Wednesday, December 31, 2008


In March 2009, I am going to the
Creative Soul Retreat in Melbourne, Australia.
As part of our challenge
the attendees are to make a new gothic arch each month.
This is the first one.
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doors open

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mixed Media Farm Collage

I used a variety of mixed media to create
my farm collage on a canvas. I used a lot of found
items. This quote is one of my favourites.
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Terracotta Urn

Mosaiced terracotta urn using
broken Royal Doulton china.
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Mosaiced Vase

For this large urn I used pieces of
broken mirror from my local glazier.
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Terracotta Chicken family

I didnt make these. I bought them when
I was visiting the South Island of New Zealand
a few years ago and could not resist. The were
shipped over and reside at my farm on a very old
french shipping container.
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Rooster Wall Quilt

Just for a change.....
a Rooster.
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3 Comical Cows Wall Quilt

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Cow Squares Wall Quilt

Went a bit nuts when we bought our farm 7 years ago.
I made so many cow and chicken projects.
I had to stop after a while as I filled up the walls
and drove everyone crazy.
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Cow Parade Wall Quilt

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4 Frames

These 4 frames were from St Vincents
which had random broken oddments stuck to them.
I removed all the broken ugly things and replaced
them with "things" that were in one of the boxes
I received from one of my visits
to Royal Doulton which had so many
unusual "things" in it. Like a
horses head, rabbits heads,
hearts, teapot lids, terracotta half pots etc.

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Cow Print Mosaiced Mirror

This mirror was mosaiced using cow print
china from Target
and my Royal Doulton China chards.
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This plaque was made for my family farm
in Yarramalong, on NSW Central Coast.
I used my trusty Royal Doulton china, Italian
tiles and tiny marble tiles for the frame.
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My $7 St Vincent de Paul chair

A very dear friend bought me a gift.....
this $7 St Vincents chair which was
in a very sad state.
I had a challenge to make it look
beautiful using my trusty china and
mirror pieces.
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Mosaiced Table and wall cabinet

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Mirror tiled photo frame

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Versace China Mosaiced Table

This table was mosaiced using a box of donated
Versace china from a kind store owner who
had received a load of broken Versace plates.
This table also featured on the front cover of
Better Homes and Gardens October 2006,
see video.
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