Sunday, June 28, 2009


Here are my two hand knits for Dneese Litchfield for her Soft Sculpture at NSW Art Gallery knitting extravaganza. Dneese I would have loved to have contributed more interesting pieces, but this is all I could muster up for now! I look forward to seeing the end result. If you need help stitching it all together, just HOLLA and I will be there to help!

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Friday, June 26, 2009

A great quote....

"To be an Artist,
it is not necessary to make a living from our creations.
It is necessary to live with our eyes wide open,
to breathe in the colours of the mountain and sky,
to know the sound of leaves rustling,
the smell of snow, the texture of bark.
To be an artist is to notice every beautiful.
To cry freely.
To collect experiences and shape them
into forms that can be of use.
It is not to whine about having time,
but to be creative with every moment.
To be an Artist is not to wait for others to define us,
but to define ourselves,
to claim our lives."
by Jan Phillip, author of
"Marry Your Muse: Making a Lasting Committment to Your Creativity".


Thirteen lovely ladies decided to get together and have a full weekend of craft. Jen Crossley was one of us and taught three wonderful classes. Saturday all day we made her famous Swallow Book, Sunday we made an etched necklace and Sunday nite we made a beautiful crystal necklace. On Friday nite, Kirsty Campion created a fun workshop where we all made little poppets of ourselves ala Claudine Helmuth. Saturday nite Ruth Spitzer created a lovely workshop teaching us to do painting and layering backgrounds on canvas. Sunday nite Martina Hart demonstrated how to use pigment powders. We all were all fairly new to these wonderful products and had so much fun learning how to use them and not be scared of them!
It was a great weekend of craft, wonderful food, great champagne and great group of ladies who were all brought together by their one big passion.... CRAFT!
We all were part of a chunky book swap and made a page for it, the theme was Metallica. It is always amazing how everyone interprets these themes differently. Martina and Rob brought their zutter machines and bound our books for us.
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Relaxing after a hard day!

Judy, Martina, Rob and Kirsty.

Christine Treleaven

Debriefing about the great day we had, sitting around the fire, some enjoying their champagne, whilst others have moved on to tea.
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Morning Tea on the balcony.

Debbi, Kirsty and Christina.
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Saturday Night Class

Kirsty was the instructor on Saturday nite. We all made little poppets.
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Was Kirsty really teacher's Pet??
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Jen instructing Ruth and Rob

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Working Hard!

Annette, Christina, Christine and Julian ~ having so much fun!

Kirsty was very proud of her art work!

Judy and Pam took a break for a second for a photo!
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The beginnings of my swallow book. It too us all day and still didnt finish it. It is still sitting on my work table at home, almost done!
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My Etched Necklace

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This was our group photo taken outside, all proudly displaying our lovely etched necklaces that we made with Jen Crossley. The 13 lovely Etching Wenches are: Pam Hicks, Christina McQueen, Kirsty Campion, Ruth Spitzer, Jenny Crossley, Rob Keogh, Annette Curtis, Julian Buttenshaw, Debbi Weiss, Martina Hart, Judy Lee and myself.
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Specially for Denise Litchfield.

We were sorry that Denise was unable to attend our weeknd at the last minute. However, we thought we would show her just how much we missed her. Pam Hicks kindly donated her scarf for the special photo.
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Monday, June 1, 2009

Mother Urn, part of a set of two.

My latest achievement! This urn is part of a two piece set called "Mother and Daughter".
Mother has taken me three years to complete. I began it 3 years ago and had done 1/4 of it. It was left like so many projects gathering dust and spider webs, when one moves on to other projects. Over the Easter Long weekend I came across it and decided to finish it!
It is huge, height is 72cm (28"). I had to hunt for the Daughter, which I have now found and will begin that in the next few weeks. I used mainly Royal Doulton China, red floral and white which has been highlighted with broken mirror pieces.
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