Tuesday, September 22, 2009


This month's challenge swap in the Paper Arts group that I belong to was to make a page for a SPOOKY ALBUM.
We had to use a page from the Itkupilli Collection. Having a member of ones family that no one wants to talk about was advantageous for this project.... My very weird Aunt Morticia was happy to play victim for my page! The page measures 6"x4". As it happened there are 13 members in this swap..... I am looking forward to receiving all the other 12 pages. I hope that all the 13 delightful members will have a grand time once they are bound together for eternity!
There is a fundamental spooky difference between my page and the other 12, which was not my doing, but Aunt Morticia did it (she is like that)!
For the receipients of my pages, the first one to spot the difference, and leave a comment on my blog, will receive a gift!
Barb, I am not sure if you can enter this one, being the hostess you will get all 12 of my pages long before the others.
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Monday, September 14, 2009

Metal Etched Neclaces

These three little Etched Pendants now have their necklaces attached.
I am very proud of them considering I hadn't done any for sometime.

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Metal Etching

These 5 little pendants and one rectangle are my efforts after a day of etching.
I had limited supplies, as it is always hard to know what one will need when one goes away from their home stash.
I was very proud and impressed with my work. Now all I have to do is make the chains to hang them and work out what I will do with the floral rectangle. Etching is so much fun and an amazing process.
A bit toxic using the Ferric Chloride, but with extreme care, it can be done without too much mess.
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Christine's Etching

These 5 gorgeous pendants were made by Christine.
We ran out of time to finish them off with a chain.
The one on the left Christine stamped into the top with metal alphabet punches "ITHACA", which is the name of my farm.
Christine you did well. I hope you get to finish them and will wear them with pride!
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A day of Etching.

A creative week for me at my farm in Yarramalong on NSW Central Coast.
Christine Treleaven (from Newcastle) dropped by to have a coffee after doing some errands in Tuggerah.
What started off a chat and catching up ended up as a long two days of metal Etching and making a fabric bird and birdcage.
We worked late into the night last Wednesday 9th. It became too late for Christine to drive home to Newcastle, so she stayed over and we continued the next day. We etched a few pendants. Learning sewing techniques from a Master Dollmaker was great.
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