Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I made this bracelet which adorns the top of my manniquin from a kit which I purchased from Objects and Elements. It was fun making it, but dont think I will wear it.
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I have been looking for an antique vintage dressmakers manniquin for about 5 years and have never found one......until now. I now can display my soldered and beaded necklaces, which have been residing in a box on the shelf waiting...waiting...waiting to get out and be seen.
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Friday, July 30, 2010


In my July university holidays Debbi Weiss and I got together to do a project. We always try and work on one project each holiday. This time it was Debbi's turn to come up with an idea. She suggested making a Chipboard Mosaic using heavy weight chipboard cut into 6cm x 6cm squares which we covered with paper, embellished with photos and other little embellishments. Digging out from our stash of secret collection of vitage fabrics, buttons, laces etc that I have been saving for a while. I also found an old brass penny from 1952 (long before I was born), which I included. It was easy to come up with my theme, as my father had recently given me a selection of old black and white photos from my childhood. I couldn't resist putting a die cut from Tim Holtz range. I covered chipboard with adhesive foil and then cut out the birdcage. Most of the papers I used is from 7 gypsies range. It took us about 2 weeks to make, and we had a lot of fun doing it. It is kind of sad looking back wondering where all the years have gone, but I guess that is life......so they say.
Holiday is over and I will be back for semester 2 next monday! Looking forward to our next project in our next holidays.

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Me with my 4 siblings, taken in 1960 ( a very long time ago).

This is me in 1964....... hard to relate to those times now as we get older.
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I love the little OWLS from Collections.

And....... also Collections torso's.

But........ my real favourite is Tim Holtz birdcage die.
Recently purchased along with the new Sizzix Big Cut Pro die cutter.
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Friday, July 2, 2010


My father had made me this wall display cabinet some time ago, which was stored behind a cupboard. When I was tidying up last week, I thought that I must put it on the wall and display some of my trinket collection. I was inspired by Tim Holtz. He has one similar, so I painted mine with a bit of black paint and then hung it on the wall. I still have to add more trinkets to it, but I am happy with it above my old filing cabinet.


I mosaiced three polystyrene balls some time ago, but had kept them in a box because I did not have a suitable way of displaying them. Yesterday in my travels I found a cute wire urn. I was delighted to find that it had a 50% off price tag on it. My 3 balls fitted nicely into the urn.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Snowfall in the Hamptons NY

I have a good friend who lives in the Hamptons in NY State. This year they had an enormous snowfall and could not get out of their house...... so much snow that it came halfway up their door! How lucky we are that we dont have those issues.
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Sunday, June 13, 2010


In February 2010, I went to visit my son who was living in Singapore. It is an amazing place to visit. The best time to visit Singapore is February, as it is the coldest month ~ by local standards that is. For visitors it is sweltering to say the least. Very hot indeed and it was very hard to walk around and do any outdoor activities. I did not want to miss visiting the famous Orchid Garden. Whilst it was very hot, it was a very pleasant stroll throughout the garden.
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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I am thrilled to show off my brand new PaperArts star award.

It is a great honour to have been chosen as the first recipient
of such a prestigious award.
The award is for participating in all the swaps so far this year
in the PaperArts Yahoo group ATC swap.
I was contemplating opting out of the up and coming
"Steampunk theme" as I am struggling to think of an idea for it.
But now I guess I will have to continue and think much harder to come up with an idea to stay in the swaps for the full 12 months.
Thankyou so much Bevlea for choosing me
to receive this most honorable award.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


This uninvited guest.... a diamond python was happily living amongst my chooks in their chook house. Whilst they are no threat to the chooks or humans, they do eat all the eggs, so it had to go. One of the locals in my valley who collects diamond pythons came to our rescue.
Being city dwellers, we are freaked out by snakes when we visit our farm in the country. Thankfully we dont get too many snakes, and are always on the lookout.
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