Saturday, January 5, 2013

This encaustic triptych was created using 3 canvas' measuring 25 cm x 50 cm.  I used plaster of paris bandage as a base over the canvas to give the canvas some support, as otherwise the wax would have cracked off the canvas.  The plaster allowed for enough support for the wax and also allowed for cracking to occur, to give a more detailed background. I used strips of plaster bandage to create vertical and horizontal lines.  A wash  of burnt umber acrylic paint was painted over the dried plaster. The burnt umber settled into the cracks in the plater adding more background detail.  Rusty wire was used to create the hearts, which were embedded into the wax.  Pan pastels were used to create shading.  Home made encaustic medium was used throughout the process creating layers.
 If anyone has any questions please feel free to email me.

This encaustic work  "trees" was made using images of trees which were transferred  onto wax.  I used oil paints and pan pastels. Each measures 14 cm x 14 cm, which were mounted on rusty roofing iron.

Upon completing my degree, I headed back to Encaustics - 

my new passion.  

This little encaustic trio was made using images given to me from Stephanie Green photographer and Encaustic Artist from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  They measure 10 cm x 10 cm, 15 cm x 15 cm, 20 cm x 20 cm.

Return to Blogland

It is hard to believe that I have been gone for so long from Blogland. I have missed being here and seeing everyones wonderful blogs and creativity...where have I been?

I embarked on further academic professional studies and have now competed my Bachelor of Midwifery - which included long hours of lectures, clinical placement, study, assignments and exams which left very little time for art and craft, blogging and everything else.

2013 New Year resolution - to get back into my art and back to blogging combined with working as a Midwife.